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Break-suffering disk and back pain

The disk at the back spinal column divides the skeleton-like structures. Disk does not exist blood vessels or nerves like other elements of the skeleton-like structure. Instead exist disks fat, water and fabrics, which attach to the skeleton-like structure. While all hours daily, lick the disks water, which is caused by the forces of the force of gravity. For example if we sit, it is a force of gravity strength in the activity, could which think the fact that it takes little effort to sit but oppositely to the term, adds it much weight the thorn and the disk.


The disk restores water, which licked out during the daily, yet the water at the slower steps is repaired. Fat and water in the disk balanced, nevertheless, if it is not, arranges it a person to shrink height. Fat and water within the disks is strongly, nevertheless, if a person begins to age, begins the substances to dilute. If fat and water begin, can to dilute it to Osteoarthritis lead. Diluting water and fat of the disk is also the prominent cause the back pain, particularly at the lower region.

Exterior of disk taken off through ring Fibrosis. Sometimes the connective tissues lead to the abnormal Verdickung, which scratches the fabric. Normally injury follows, then infection and moves on held back oxygen inlet. Surgery is frequently the result. The internal range of the disk becomes shielded through core Pulposis. The hub of the disk, which is polishing and soft, forms the measures. The disks form the primary supporting strength, those the spinal column, the bones, for muscles, which adjusts etc.

If the disk does not protect the spinalen structures, which it is frequently drained, pressed or deforms. The disk has strength, which combines to resist high loads of the pressure with flexibility, nevertheless, if this flexibility and strength are interrupted, can it to the break-suffering disk proofs or to other injuries result.

Slid disks in the medical expressions admits as HNP. (Break-suffering core Pulposa) as to be outlined the intervertebralen disks broken, which interrupts core pulposa. In the medical expressions slid disks can include L4, L5 with, the Lumbrosacral and C5-7 are, which zervikal are. L4 is individual range of the spinal column and the disks, which the numeric broken disk defines.

Slid disks are caused by the accidents, by trauma, by the load of the back and the beginning, by raising heavy articles, by disk degeneration, by the weak Ligamenten and by the kongenitalen deformation of the bones. Disk degeneration is outlined in this article.

Lumbrosacral shows obvious symptoms, how acute lower back pain, which radiates to the back parts and down to the leg. The person believes that weakly, deaf or tingling expands this to the leg and to the foot. Ambulation causes also the pain.

If zervikale disk problems are present, the patient stiffness believes around the beginning. In addition the symptoms form the patient feeling weakly, deaf, and he/she believes, tingling around the hands. The beginning pain produce frequently the pain and extend it to the arms and to the hands, which cause weakness for the upper region of the body. The weakness aims frequently the Triceps and to zweikpfigen muscles, which become Atrophie. The Lumbar is affected also, that the patient it with difficulty, the back almost-arranges finds.

Which happens, if a disk is slid and/or broken, the Ringfibrosis reacts, by pressing its substance into the hollow distance between the spinal column. The spinal column exists nerves, which travel to the different parts of the body, including the brain. These nerves are concerned, if the disk one slides. More over the central nervous system learn (CNS), in order to refer to slid disks. Understand first, how the connections and the connective tissues can cause the pain back.


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