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which of the following is a likely consequence of the completion of the interoceanic highway

which of the following is a likely consequence of the completion of the interoceanic highway ?

a. increased biodiversity
b. decreased mining activity in Peru
c. increased deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest
d. reduced travel times between the US and Chile

answer : c. increased deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest

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WhichofthefollowingisalikelyconsequenceofthecompletionoftheInteroceanicHighway?…Whichofthefollowingstatements best describes the rate at which land subsidence is occurring in Mexico City?
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Increased deforestation in the Amazon RainforestisalikelyconsequenceofthecompletionoftheInteroceanicHighway.
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A: In modern society, the division of labor means: All the jobs people do are connected to other jobs….A: Increased deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest islikelyconsequenceofthecompletionoftheInteroceanicHighway.
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Q:WhichofthefollowingisalikelyconsequenceofthecompletionoftheInteroceanicHighway? A. increased biodiversity B. decreased mining activity in Peru C. increased deforestation.
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TheInteroceanicHighway: more than 1,500 miles of blacktop running from the coast of Peru, through thehighAndes at the heartoftheformer Incan empire, to the depthsoftheBrazilian Amazon.
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In the 2000s, the province saw a sudden influx of new migrants as a resultoftheconstructionoftheInteroceanicHighway(IOH) [1, 2] and gold mining, much or all of it illegal [3]. The constructionoftheIOH…
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“The biggest partoftheforest has been converted into cornfields, but they also use it to plant bananas, papaya, or for livestock grazing.”TheInteroceanicHighway.
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Whilehighervolumes of timber extraction do have an effect on Brazil nut trees, thereisanew threat inthecompletionofthe3,300 kmInteroceanichighway, which bisects Peru and Brazil and joins the coasts of South America through Southern Amazonia.
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It is now a reality with the openingoftheInteroceanicHighwayconnecting southern Peru and its ports to the Brazilian states of Rondonia, Acre and beyond….Thefollowingarethe main points of their presentation.
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This paper considers the caseoftheSouthernInteroceanicHighway, a major transportation corridor linking the Atlantic and pacific coasts through Southern Peru under the auspicesoftheInitiative for Regional Infrastructure in South America (IIRSA).
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The act of administering an aversiveconsequenceis referred to as: punishment 17….The perceivedlikelihoodthat performance will befollowedby a particular outcome is referred to as: instrumentality 20.
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After decades of delay, Peru is on the verge ofcompletingthe $2.75 billionInteroceanicHighwayconnecting Mr. Pereira’s house – and the rest of Brazil – to the west coast. Pereira, and millions more Brazilians and Peruvians…
InteroceanicHighway- WikiVisually›wiki/Interoceanic_HighwayCached page
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Two branchesoftheInteroceanicHighwaycross the main Andean watershed, the Urcos – Inambari branch crosses the watershed approximately here, about 7 km (in a straight line) north-east of Urcos (the road distance is much longer).

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